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Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this great race with a detailed organisational work to make you enjoy every kilometre and finish with the best of sensations.



Under-16 –  Male and Female

14 to 15 years old

Under-18 –  Male and Female

16 to 17 years old

Under-20 –  Male and Female

18 to 19 years old

Under-23-  Male and Female

20 to 22  years old

Senior –    Male and Female

23 to 34  years old

M35 –    Male and Female

35 to 39  years old

M40 –    Male and Female

40 to 44  years old

M45 –    Male and Female

45 to 49  years old

M50 –  Male and Female

50 to 54  years old

M55 – Male and Female

55 to 59  years old

M60 –  Male and Female

60 to 64  years old

M65 –  Male and Female

65 to 69  years old

M70 –  Male and Female

70 to 74  years old

M75 –  Male and Female

75 years and older



Runner with a physical disability in a wheelchair

14 years and older

Runner with sensory disabilities (hearing or visual)

14 years and older

Runner with physical disabilities

14 years and older

Runner with intellectual disabilities

14 years and older

For registration in the modality “Runners with physical disabilities in a wheelchair”, and therefore to qualify for the awards of this modality, the chair must meet the conditions established for athletics events, specified in the Athletics Regulations of the International Paralympic Committee (Rule N.º14).

Participants who use HANDBIKE and CHAIRS with other material, mechanism, gear or lever that can be used to drive the chair will not be able to enrol in the Wheelchair modality, or qualify for the awards of that modality.

For technical, logistical and safety reasons, participants in the wheelchair modality will have the limitation of not being able to pass the Race Management car of the test

*There is no absolute or local category