Greetings, Councillor

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this great race with a detailed organisational work to make you enjoy every kilometre and finish with the best of sensations.

Greetings, Councillor

From this space I would like to give my sincere congratulations to the great Torrevieja sports family for resuming the XXXVI edition of the Half Marathon, a sports event that has a long trajectory and history in our city.

A long-awaited date for everyone and that from the City Council of Torrevieja, through to the Department of Sports,  organised together with one of the clubs in our city, that  I am sure will be a great success since all the effort and affection has been put in to an edition with many novelties at the height of the participants and that will also make it possible for all those people who on the occasion of this sporting event decide to visit us, to discover a wonderful city.

An event that requires a lot of hard work and involvement and that demonstrates once again that our city is a sports-loving city, being persistent in our commitment to continue positioning Torrevieja on the national and international map as a sports city, combining the development and practice of sports with the tourist promotion of our town.

Without a doubt, we will continue to bet on sports management that supports teamwork.

I encourage you to not miss this great athletics event in Torrevieja on the 25th of February, 2024.