Regulation Torrevieja Half Marathon


Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy this great race with a detailed organisational work to make you enjoy every kilometre and finish with the best of sensations

ARTICLE 1º: The Torrevieja Athletics Club, with the collaboration of the City Council of Torrevieja and the Sports Department, organizes on Sunday, 25th of February 2024, the “TORREVIEJA HALF MARATHON”, which will start at 9:30 a.m. The start and finish line will be located at the “Paseo de la Libertad”

The route will be properly signposted in kilometers. At kilometers 5, 10 and 15 there will be a liquid refreshment station, as well as a solid and liquid refreshment station at the finish line. The race is included in the national category of the national calendar

ARTICLE 2º: The Torrevieja Half Marathon, is an urban race on foot, all people federated at a national or popular level, can participate, as long as they are 18 years or over on the day of the test, being 2h 45′ the maximum official time to finish the marathon.

ARTICLE 3º: The urban and asphalt circuit of 21,097.5 meters is duly approved and certified by the RFEA. Therefore, all brands will be official for athletes with a national license or Plus runner’s license. The development of the race will be controlled by judges of the RFEA.

ARTICLE 4º: 5 drawers or exit boxes will be established for the time foreseen to be carried out in the test.

The planned drawers are:




1h00’ to 1h09’


1h10’ to 1h19’


1h20’ to 1h29’


1h30’ to 1h39’


1h40’ onwards

ARTICLE 5º: Timing will be carried out by the BIB TAG system of the MYLAPS/CHIPLEVANTE company, placing a control at the start line, another at the finish line and more every 5 kilometres. All runners must pass over the control mats.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This test belongs to the official calendar of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and the FACV and through its registration, the runner expressly consents that his basic data (Name, Surname, NIF / NIE / Passport, Date of Birth, Sex and Postal Code of residence), will be sent to the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation and the FACV (Athletics Federation of the Valencian Community ) The possession of the license will guarantee that the participant is  covered by civil liability and has accident insurance.

In any case, and as established by the Data Protection Law, the interested party can exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by writing or emailing  the “Carnet Corredor” program of the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation. Avda. de Valladolid, 81-28008 Madrid and the FACV (Avinguda de Pérez Galdós, 25, 46018 València) E-mail: and

ARTICLE 6º: Registrations can be formalised on the website: and can be done online until the 22nd of February 2024 until 23:59. This will be limited to a maximum of 2000 participants

Half Marathon Prices:

15€*  until 30/9/2023 – 23:59
18€* until 31/12/2023 – 23:59
21€* until 31/1/2024 – 23:59
24€* until 22/2/2024 – 23:59
30€*presential registration on 24/2/2024

There will be no presencial registrations on the day of the test
*These prices do not include the one-day license (€3) that is mandatory for runners who do not have a national license (RFEA) or runner plus card, in force. The registration prices include the corresponding VAT.

*The registration prices do NOT include management fees and bank commission (tpv) per enrolment.

Those runners with a national federal license in ATHLETICS or with a runner plus card, in force, are exempt from the payment of the €3 day license.

The licenses of other federations like MOUNTAIN, YCLING, etc….are not valid, nor the autonomous licenses by any athletics federation since the field  is national.

Occasionally, the organisation may launch promotions or offers that reduce these prices under certain circumstances.

The runners will be able to protect their enrolment with the following costs:

  • Basic (refund of enrolment, until registration closes) €2
  • Premium (return of registration, up to 48 hours after the event) €3
  • Change of test or modification of personal data (until closing of registration) 1€

With these options you will be able to:

  • Modify your enrolment for any reason
  • Move your enrolment for any reason
  • Request a refund of the money minus the amount of protection

To process the modification or return, contact, within the established period:

The organization reserves the right to close registrations when it deems necessary for safety reasons and for better service to the runner.

During the registration process, the runner may include his NICK (*) or nickname (eight characters maximum) that will appear on his bib number. If this section is not filled out or deliberately left blank, the organization will place his first name on his place.

(*) The organization reserves the right to veto or cancel the NICK chosen by the runner (placing the first name in its place) if it violates the dignity of people and/or institutions, is offensive, rude , vulgar or in bad taste. We appeal to the common sense and good taste of the runners.

(*) Those registered as of February 16, 2024 will not be able to insert the NICK on their bib number, as the bibs are already printed.

The mediomaratontorrevieja website managed by the CLUB ATLETISMO TORREVIEJA is the only official online distributor authorized to register for the event, so in no case is it recommended to register or purchase bibs through different platforms. The organization is not is responsible for the reliability, veracity and/or suitability of registrations made through third parties, nor does it assume any obligation regarding the availability of places, stock and/or price.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For legal and sporting reasons, but above all for safety reasons, it will not be possible to transfer the bib number to another runner without following the process provided for it and without obtaining conformity by the Organisation. In the event that the Organisation becomes aware of this circumstance prior to the test, the bib subject to sale or unauthorised assignment will be disabled, so it will not be possible to participate in the test. 

Additionally and given the risk faced by those who wear a bib number without the knowledge  of the organisation and the distortion that occurs in the classifications, the data of the person who gives or sells will be noted, preventing their registration in the 4 successive years.

ARTICLE 7º: The delivery of bibs and the collection of the runner’s bag will be carried out at the CIAJ Torrevieja – Youth Information and Animation Centre (Paseo Juan Aparicio 5), on Saturday, 24th of February from 17:00 to 20:00; and on the day of the test from 8:00 to 9:00 at the CIAJ Torrevieja – Youth Information and Animation Centre (Paseo Juan Aparicio 5). After those times,there  will no longer be a deliver of numbers.

The bibs must be worn on the front of the chest and the chip will be integrated into the bib.

For the removal of the bibs they must present ID PASSPORT or SIGNED Authorisation with A PHOTOCOPY OF THE  ID of the PARTICIPANT REGISTERED .

ARTICLE 8º: The runner will have a cloakroom service, as well as, W.C at the start and finish line.  The shower service will be located at the sports center “Palacio de los Deportes “Tavi y Carmona” located on Av./ Monge Bielsa S/N”

ARTICLE 9º: The Trial Judges and the Organisation reserve the right to DISQUALIFY the offender who, verified any irregularity by a runner:

  • Do not complete the test.
  • Do not wear a bib clearly visible on the chest during the test , manipulate it and/or give it to another.
  • Alter the advertising of the bib number.
  • Run with a bib number awarded to another runner.
  • Enter the finish line without bib , with a duplicate bib , photocopied or falsified bib
  • Do not pass all established “CHIP TIME” checkpoints.
  • Alter the data provided to the Organisation or the referee Judge, with respect to those that appear in your ID or federation file.
  • Do not provide the Organisation with the required documentation.
  • Violate any other rule contemplated in the F.A.C.V. and R.F.E.A. rules.
  • Do not follow the instructions of the Organisation.

It will be mandatory for the federated runners to compete with the clothing of their corresponding club, and may be sanctioned otherwise.

Disqualified runners will automatically lose all option to the prizes and awards

Runners who are not registered or run without a bib number or with an unofficial bib number of this edition of the test will not be admitted by the Organisation, preventing them from having access to the race in Defence of the rights of those legally registered.

(1). Given the serious damage that this would cause to the Organisation and the other test runners, in case of access to the test in violation of the established access conditions or any irregularity is committed, the Organisation reserves the right to take the appropriate measures, in accordance with the applicable legislation. In that sense, the corresponding civil, criminal or administrative actions will be initiated to demand the responsibility of the offender.

 Among the irregularities that will lead to the beginning of such actions, are:

  • Not being enrolled in the test and, therefore, not having a bib/chip to participate in the test.
  • Run with the bib / chip of a third party (without having made the change of ownership or carrying it hidden).
  • Run with a bib/chip that does not correspond to the test.
  • Run with a counterfeit bib / chip (photocopied document or that imitates the bib).

This enumeration is made in an illustrative and non-limiting way, and there may be other irregularities that give rise to the initiation of legal actions by the Organisation.

Both those who comment on these irregularities and those who collaborate with them so that they can carry them out, will be identified as”offending runners.”

Those runners who are identified as “offending runners” by the Organisation on the day of the test, will be removed, identified and expelled by the security personnel of the test, in the right of their powers, obtaining from the same identification data; photographs, etc., which will be used in order to take the legal actions that correspond to this purpose.

In the event that the offence is known after the holding of the test, the appropriate actions will be initiated at the time the offence becomes known.

The “offending runners ” will receive a notifications and/or locations of the procedures in which their possible responsibilities will be judged, so that they are part of them.

 ARTICLE 10º: In accordance with the regulations of the R.F.E.A., the following classifications will be made:



Under -20 – Male and Female

18 to 19 years old

Under -23 – Male and Female

20 a 22 years old

Senior – Male and Female

23 a 34 years old

M35 – Male and Female

35 a 39 years old

M40 – Male and Female

40 a 44 years old

M45 – Male and Female

45 a 49 years old

M-50 – Male and Female

50 a 54 years old

M55 – Male and Female

55 a 59 years old

M60 – Male and Female

60 a 64 years old

M65 – Male and Female

65 a 69 years old

M70 – Male and Female

70 a 74 years old

M75 – Male and Female

75 years and older

*Locals – Male and Female

18 years and older

*Locals: anyone born or registrered in Torrevieja will be considered a local runner



Runner with a physical disability in a wheelchair

18 years and older

Runner with sensory disabilities (hearing or visual)

18 years and older

Runner with physical disabilities

18 years and older

Runner with intellectual disabilities

18 years and older

For registration in the modality “Runners with physical disabilities in a wheelchair”, and therefore to qualify for the awards of this modality, the chair must meet the conditions established for athletics events, specified in the Athletics Regulations of the International Paralympic Committee (Rule N.º14).

Participants who use HANDBIKE and CHAIRS with other material, mechanism, gear or lever that can be used to drive the chair will not be able to enrol in the Wheelchair modality, or qualify for the awards of that  modality.

For technical, logistical and safety reasons, participants in the wheelchair modality will have the limitation of not being able to pass the Race Management car of the test

ARTICLE 11º: Awards, trophies and gifts: There will be trophies for the first three classified in all categories, both in the men’s and women’s categories.

Participant’s bag: Joma technical T-shirt, commemorative Gymsack and Commemorative Medal.

Refreshment at the finish line: Isotonic drink, Fanta, Coca-Cola, Water and Fruit

Cash prizes over all absolute classification:



1ª st place Male and Female


2ª nd place Male and Female


3ª rd place   Male and Female


Cash prizes for breaking the record of the overall absolute test:





Absolute Male

1h 02’21

Óscar Fernández Giralda


Absolute Female

1h 11’27

Malika Asahssa


In the event that more than one runner beats the record of the test, only the first male and female classified will be entitled to receive the cash prize.

All cash prizes will be subject to the withholdings established by Law, the amount of these being paid by bank transfer

Athletes designated to pass the anti-doping control and have a cash prize, must wait for the result of the control to receive the award.

 Any participant who obtains any of the awards  set by the organisation will have to present their ID, passport or similar, prior to the collection of this.

The award  can only be collected by the winners at the protocol delivery of awards after the race, other people other than the winners will not be able to go to the podium. Classified winners would lose the awards  if they do not meet any of the above  conditions. Claims will be made orally to the person in charge of the test before the awards ceremony. The collection  of trophies will be done  When the last runner enters de finish line

ATTENTION: If after 30 calendar days from the end of the test the winning athletes do not withdraw the trophies, the Organisation will understand that they renounce such awards with no claim.

ARTICLE 12º: The race is controlled by the Committee of Judges of the F.A.C.V. The official classifications of runners are the sole competence of the Committee of Judges and Timemen of the Autonomous Athletics Federation.

Claims will be made orally to the referee Judge no later than 30 minutes after the results are officially communicated. If they are rejected by it, a claim may be submitted in writing and accompanied by a deposit of €60 to the Appellate Jury. In the event that the resolution was favourable, the deposit of €60 will be refunded. If there is no Appeal Jury, the decision of the referee Judge is unappealable.

General and individual classification will be made for each of the established categories, according to the order of arrival at the finish line, separated by the  male from the female classifications.

The organisation declines all responsibility for the damages that may occur when participating in this test, either itself or to any other.

ARTICLE 13º: There will be time controls along the route. Only those participants who carry out the race with the chip that facilitates the organisation, placed on the back of the bib, will appear in the classification, forcing the runner in any case to check the good functioning of his chip in the corresponding stand at the time of picking up his bib.

ARTICLE 14º: Neither the organisation, nor the sponsors, nor the main collaborator will assume any responsibility in case of chip malfunction.

ARTICLE 15º: It is not allowed (in application of Art. 144 of the RIA) to run accompanied by people who do not participate in the test , go on foot or in some type of vehicle, or carry children in arms or in strollers, as well as, it is not allowed to run with animals, cars, etc. This prohibition extends to the entire race and especially in the finish line, its non-observance being a reason for possible disqualification by the referee judge.

ARTICLE 16º: Disqualified runners will not have an option for prizes and awards.

ARTICLE 17º: The only vehicles authorised to follow the test will be those designated by the Organisation. It is totally forbidden to follow runners on motorcycles, bicycles, skates or any other wheeled vehicle. The Local Police and the Test Judges will remove them from the circuit to avoid accidents.

ARTICLE 18º: The test will have, according to law, a health service with ambulances, doctors and support health personnel, as well as a field hospital and bicycle support with defibrillators, which will be distributed along the route and at the start to finish line area.

ARTICLE 19º: All registered runners are obliged to fill in the back of the bib with the following details ; name, surname, telephone in case of emergency, if you have any medical problem (allergy, special attention, etc.) or are under some specific treatment, as well as, your blood group

ARTICLE 20º: All registered participants will be covered by a civil liability insurance policy, as well as, a sports accident insurance, which will cover the damages that may occur as a direct consequence of the development of the race and never as a derivation of a latent suffering or tare, recklessness, negligence, non-compliance with the laws and this regulation. Displacement for the test dispute is not included. The organisation will be covered by Civil. R insurance.

ARTICLE 21º: Since the event is included in the calendar of the FACV and the RFEA, there will be a mandatory anti-doping control.

ARTICLE 22º: Any runner who, having been designated to pass such control, refuses it, will be automatically disqualified in all categories and awards that may correspond to them. In this way, athletes who pass this control and are corresponded to economic prizes, must wait for the result to receive the award.

ARTICLE 23º: All participants, by the fact of registration, declare to know and accept this Regulation, the Accountability and Data Protection Release Sheet.

In case of doubt, the criterion of the organisation will prevail. Specifically, with their registration, runners subscribe to the following declaration:

I participate in the test on a completely voluntary basis and consciously assume the hardness of it, taking into account its distance and technical difficulty, for which I declare to have sufficient technical knowledge, experience and state of physical and psychological condition to face the characteristics of the test.

I declare that I am in an optimal state of health to participate in the Torrevieja Half Marathon, having the total certainty of being physically and psychologically fit for it and having passed the relevant medical controls in a positive way, ruling out any disease, pathology, injury, or any other health problem that discourages my participation. In the event that at the time of holding the test there was any change in my state of health, I promise not to participate in it.

During the development of the competition I will contribute as much as possible to the organisation, to avoid personal accidents and I will maintain an appropriate behaviour, not endangering my health, or that of other people. I agree to comply with the regulations set forth in the regulations of the Torrevieja Half Marathon, safety protocols and indications established by the organisation.

Taking into account all of the above, I exempt from all responsibility the organisation, sponsors and/or other participating institutions for any accident or injury that i may suffer before, during and/or after the sporting event, renouncing from now on any legal action against any of these entities.

NOTICE: The organisation recommends that runners undergo a medical examination prior to the test, accepting all participants the risk derived from sports activity.

ARTICLE 24º: By participating in the event I authorise the organisation to take photographs, images, videos, films, recordings or any other record of the activities of the events and subsequently be used for any design or communication of the event. I will not be entitled to, therefore, any type of compensation or claim

ARTICLE 25º: By registering, the participants give their consent to the TORREVIEJA ATHLETICS CLUB, by themselves or through third parties, to process their personal data automatically and for exclusively sporting, promotional or commercial purposes. In accordance with what is established in the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data, the participant has the right to access these files in order to rectify or cancel their content in whole or in parts. To do so, you must request in writing to the registered office (C/ANTONIO MACHADO 87-1ºA, TORREVIEJA). Likewise and according to the sports interests, promotion, distribution and exploitation for everyone (reproduction of photographs of the test, publication of classification lists, etc.) through any device (Internet, advertising, etc.) And without time limit, the registrants expressly assign to the organisation the right to reproduce the name and surname, the site obtained in the general classification and that of the participant, the category, the sports brand made  and its image.

FINAL CONSIDERATION: The organisation reserves the right to make any change in this regulation if it considers it, and must communicate it on the website of the test and in the information that is delivered to the runners . Enrolment in this race implies acceptance of these regulations; Everything not provided for in it will be governed by the rules of the FACV and RFEA and IAAF. As well as, everything regulated by higher bodies.